It’s These Memories

January 1, 2008

  How often is it that we get to have a perfect night, without doing a damn thing? I didn’t tell my parents I was going out, cause I didn’t. I didn’t waste gasoline, I didn’t spend money on items I want but don’t need, and I didn’t eat excess food. Well, I didn’t pay for excess food. Granted, a cup of coffee would’ve been nice…
  It’s these nights that will one day become memories, and I’ll probably wonder if in the future I will ever have one with my next of kin. I’m not saying that my child(ren) will grow up irresponsible or hating me, but who knows what will happen by then. At this rate, we’ll have our own television screen inside our computer, which is how we’ll communicate. And at this rate, we won’t have the Dick Clarks or the Carson Dailys (ugh) with special guests counting down to midnight. We’ll just have countdown sites, and maybe stand in the same 10x10x10 room just so we can see each other at the moment it hits midnight. And then we’ll go away, because the computer will make us uncomfortable around humans.
  But that’s exactly the point. I didn’t worry one thing about my future, my career, or my concerns with the human race tonight. It was just this “energy” throughout the world. We can begin anew. And we have.

Some 2007 Highlights
– I didn’t go back to work, that winter…
– Who’s this Haskins character everyone talks about?
– Why’d I take this class?
– Another pseudo-crush.
– 50’s B-Movies (finally! it started a whole new perspective!)
– c86 is absolutely amazing.
– Life Is Too Fun
– The Apples In Stereo – why haven’t I heard them yet?
– A paper, on 2001: A Space Odyssey
– Uh, whoops/wow. And that is all.
– And another pseudo-crush.
– I went to a film festival. It was in French.
– A few more all-nighters
– Woah, wait. I’m done? Congratulations.
– Oh yeah, this again.
– Who’s that?
– Eh, she left.
– Work, on my birthday?
– Going through the motions. Going through the motions.
– Angst. Write. Wrong. Movie. Music.
– I’m gonna look at apartments in Elmira.
– I put in my two weeks – 1st argument!
– Christmas. With the family. They talked.
– Purchase. Scranton. Elmira.
– And there is this fuzz/that makes you disappear.

No new song, no new video. Not creative at all.


One Response to “It’s These Memories”

  1. jeanne said

    what, no mention of me???


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