Conquest Of Space

March 23, 2008

Seeing that slogan at first seems silly. Watching the movie seems silly as well. But for 1955, this is a very interesting and good movie.

The simplest plot summary is about a group of five astronauts who were supposed to go to the moon, but are later told they must go Mars. There is a lot more to the movie, and a lot more to it than simply a 1950’s B-movie. I can see a lot of this influencing 2001: A Space Odyssey, actually.

At first, there are small signs of it, one of the astronauts is a little homesick. When they are told of the mission to Mars, and later shown a broadcast from earth of some people’s responses, other similar signs appear. One astronaut clearly misses his mother. Later on in the movie, the captain gets a little skeptical, siting how the Bible has no mention of man going into space.

The message – we do belong on earth. Hence “How Far Is Too Far?”

It’s definitely a message worth pondering, especially nowadays as man uses up some of its final resources (and going green seems to be even more popular…). It’s also a message I thought of, and thought should get out. I now need to own this movie.

I also need to help get this movie re-made, or at least get its message out, again.

As a 50’s B-movie, 3.5/5. As a philosophical message, I said it’s influenced 2001. That’s all I need to say about that.


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