April 6, 2008

There’s something I don’t like about that copy…

So even though wordpress thinks it is April 7th, it is actually still April 6th, whether or not the e-world wants to believe it. And, forty years ago today, 2001: A Space Odyssey is released.

It’s kind of strange to think, especially for me, being both “young” and a movie person. I only saw this movie seven years ago, when the calendar turned to 2001. I was 16 at the time, and didn’t have damn clue what was going on. Something about evolution, maybe? Apes in space? All I knew was it was different but good.

I don’t know when I saw it after that, although I remember I would try to catch it on TV if I could. I don’t think I taped it, but I probably rented it once or twice, and eventually bought myself a copy. I still only liked it, although the more I watched it the more I realized that man is using tools and something about a talking computer being bad. But, I still had no clue what it was about despite enjoying how complex and “telling” the movie was. I went into college and never really watched it, although I think I watched the end sequence synced with Pink Floyd’s “Echoes” more often than not (and with no drugs either!). Then, came the big day, and watched it in a class.

The movie was slow and boring, but I’d seen it ten times too many so I didn’t have to go to every class (plus the professor LOVED the movie, so he wanted to drag it out). And finally, came the interpretation I’ve found I like the best:

Man hasn’t evolved, and due to this, evolving
is now unnecessarily painful and quick.

Well, why haven’t we evolved?

Thus comes the beginnings of Attentivism. Man is lazy. Man is fearful. Man only does things “he” is most comfortable with. Technology makes things easy, and thus comfortable.

And, I feel with “going green” being as popular as it is today, that we should not rely on technology. I feel that with this economic crisis we do not need luxuries found in technology. And, in turn, our friends and our/their skills are our true luxuries.  2001 is still relevant today.

Man is still an animal with a bone in its hand. Just trying to get water.


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