I know I’m guilty of it. I think it’s time I changed that. I think it’s time we all changed that.


Is being creative.

The best thing about being creative, is creative dates.

There are things to do around here. If only I get the nerve to invite someone out. And that, is the worst thing about being me. Lack of nerve.

So, my car, on average gets about 36 miles per gallon, on the highway. Off the highway, it probably gets 30-32, maybe? So, 31…

Should gas reach $3.99 9/10, and somehow stop there, I can get “exactly” 2.5 gallons into my car for $10. At 31 miles per gallon, that’s about 77 miles for one week.

My crappy job is about 4 miles away, which translates into 8 miles a day. That, in turn, is 40 miles per week, if I only go to work. Summer’s approaching, the college girls will be back, so, you know, a date maybe, if I can like actually talk to girls. So, let’s say the closest ice cream stand – again, about 4 miles. Only, that is from my house. Being the gentleman I am, I’d pick them up and find the closest ice cream stand that way…

So far we’re up to a minimum of 48 miles. Let’s say I wanna go get a CD or a book, or simply go to the closest mall – yes, I’m about to be 24 and still go to the mall. That’s about 19 miles. Back and forth is 38 miles. Oh, that’s already more than the $10 will get me – 86 vs. 77…

With $10 from my pay check, I can’t even go on a date and later get a CD cause I’m emo and she won’t go out with me again. What if I need comfort? I can’t even afford that.

Just something to think about. End of the world? End of an era? New philosophy to rule the land? The return of Christ? The Apocalypse?

I honestly haven’t read up on all of it, as I’m sure anyone who reads this could figure out. But just something to think about. There are three political parties, potentially able to either take control of all our nuclear weapons, or to have one hell of a new philosophy. There are three parties that can simply ruin everything. Or, a have a leader who is the Anti-Christ.

Of course, who ever is actually elected in 2008 will be acting president on December 30th, 2012. But, it will be after November 11th, in an election year. And, of course, whoever wins this year can be re-elected for 2012.

So chose wisely. Unfortunately, it appears we haven’t yet.

A Complaint

May 16, 2008

I don’t like to complain, to begin with. I feel that complaining and criticizing attempts to show importance over another. I feel that it creates an unofficial hierarchy, and usually the “winner” is just the one who is louder. However, I must.

Rice. We all eat it; it’s fairly inexpensive and a great side dish. It’s filling, and somewhat fancy. It isn’t particularly tasty, although it mixes well with meat and veggies, so everyone of all eating types can enjoy it. However, it’s become expensive.
The rice image I posted above is an item at almost every grocery store. I know of it because I scan aisles and make sure they are scanning the same price as the tag. If not, I either change the price of change the tag. Well, when it comes to Goya items, they have their own book, which for whatever reason we haven’t received since March. In the book, it reads $5.39 for the 10lb bag. The price it was scanning, in preparation for next week, is $10.99.
Talk about a price hike. It more than doubled in 2 less than months. What the fuck?
I also don’t like swearing.
So, what can man do, what can I do as the reading of this wonderful blog? You can complain and show how important you are, compared to the bag of rice, but will that make the cashier charge you less? Of course not. You can complain to Goya, who will give you, what, at most a free bag of rice? A coupon? Just to keep your mouth shut.
The way I would fix this is by sharing. Now, I realize that sounds like I’m six years old, which I must say wouldn’t surprise me; I dunno if I’ve actually matured mentally since then. But what I really mean, is be nice to your neighbor. Be nice to your friend. Share. We’re all in this together; we’re all being cheated out of gasoline, milk, rice, whatever. We might as well buy our stuff together…


It’s very Microphones-esque (although, I must say I haven’t heard a lot from Mount Eerie, the band), which is nice to hear. But Phil clearly doesn’t know how the internet works.

Lotsa arguing, lotsa bickering, and lotsa links to wikipedia. Am I right? I am right, cause I wrote that online. LOL.
But for once, simply listing doesn’t work Phil. Okay, that’s everything we could do. We need reasons we should. The internet is basically a drug, tell us why not, not what instead.

I still give him props, so many artists are still singing about love and drugs and girls. I’d just rather hear Kimya Dawson list why you and I are all I need.

El Mariachi

May 4, 2008

Watching someone else’s beginner’s work has always interested me. Perhaps I wonder if I could follow the same path, or if anything I create so early in my life is comparable.

I think this is why I enjoyed the movie Pi when I first saw it. I think this is why I like to obsess over bands, and hear some of their early demos.

After watching that, I am so glad I’m going to start filming a short next Sunday…

Good movie. Look for early Rodriguez motifs. Good ending as well. 4/5.

Girl/I don’t make small talk/Cause this world is/pulling us apart
Oh/Just one second long/I am not that quick/Or that strong
Girl/I apologize/If you wanted wit/And not shy
Oh/Just one second more/I will think of something/Unlike before

Listen for that in an upcoming song. Maybe.

Happy Sinko Duh Mio!