I Should Have Studied Math

May 22, 2008

So, my car, on average gets about 36 miles per gallon, on the highway. Off the highway, it probably gets 30-32, maybe? So, 31…

Should gas reach $3.99 9/10, and somehow stop there, I can get “exactly” 2.5 gallons into my car for $10. At 31 miles per gallon, that’s about 77 miles for one week.

My crappy job is about 4 miles away, which translates into 8 miles a day. That, in turn, is 40 miles per week, if I only go to work. Summer’s approaching, the college girls will be back, so, you know, a date maybe, if I can like actually talk to girls. So, let’s say the closest ice cream stand – again, about 4 miles. Only, that is from my house. Being the gentleman I am, I’d pick them up and find the closest ice cream stand that way…

So far we’re up to a minimum of 48 miles. Let’s say I wanna go get a CD or a book, or simply go to the closest mall – yes, I’m about to be 24 and still go to the mall. That’s about 19 miles. Back and forth is 38 miles. Oh, that’s already more than the $10 will get me – 86 vs. 77…

With $10 from my pay check, I can’t even go on a date and later get a CD cause I’m emo and she won’t go out with me again. What if I need comfort? I can’t even afford that.


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