Change In My Hand

July 8, 2008

You ride the waves and don’t ask where they go
  So here we are, upon this earth. I don’t know how I got here, and I don’t know how you got here, if you are here, but I like to imagine you are there. I like to imagine you are going to listen to me, and I like to imagine you are going to think about what I say. I like imagine if you disagree with what I say, only after you’ve thought about what I’ve said, you will tell me, and I will think about it.
  But, this isn’t a perfect world. Last week, my aunt had passed away. The closest relative I’ve lost, so far. It was heartbreaking. It was the worst day of my life. It was suffering at work, while it was busy. It was packing grocery bags at the register that girl was at, and not caring.
  This life is not about me. I like to think it is, but the more and more I think, the more and more I feel, the more and more I realize how little this life is about me. And the more I realize this life is about you.
  It isn’t about you the way you want it to be though. My life is about you, and your life is about me. It isn’t about what I own, or what I want or what I have. It isn’t about what you own or have or want. It’s about what you have that I like, and what I have that you like. It’s about giving my skills, my abilities, to others.
* * * * *
  It sure was nice to see more of my family. Although, it was more of my mom’s family. It was especially nice to see my mom happy, although it was such an awful time and circumstance.
  It isn’t what my family wants to stay comfortable. It’s what they need. Each other.

Goodbye, aunt.


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