About 25 days too early

August 27, 2008

Or, 340 days too late.


Existentialism, in a song.

August 26, 2008

Sad Truth

I like to think. I’m probably wrong. Whatev.

Sideways, the ending?

August 24, 2008

Hello, Miles. It’s Maya. Thanks for your letter. I-I would have called sooner, but I think I needed some time to think about everything that happened and… what you wrote to me. Another reason, um, I didn’t call you sooner is because I wanted to finish your book, which I finally did last night. And I think it’s really lovely, Miles. You’re so good with words. Who cares if it’s not getting published? There are so many beautiful and… painful things about it. Did you really go through all that? Must have been awful. And the sister character – jeez, what a wreck. But I have to say that, well, I was really confused by the ending. I mean, did the father finally commit suicide, or what? It’s driving me crazy. Anyway, it’s turned cold and rainy here lately, but I like winter. So, listen, if you ever do decide to come up here again, you should let me know. I would say stop by the restaurant, but to tell you the truth, I’m not sure how much longer I’m gonna be working there, because I’m going to graduate soon. So, I’ll probably want to relocate. I mean, we’ll see. Anyway, like I said, I really loved your novel. Don’t give up, Miles. Keep writing. I hope you’re well. Bye.

I wanna have a moment in my life like that.

I wish I had the video of it. Such a good movie.

Visual Information

August 23, 2008

First, there was the eye. Then, there was the camera lens and film. Then, there was the movie camera lens, and film. All, involving someone else’s eye.

Now, we have a computer with lasers. These lasers pick up an image’s shape and proximity. It(self) sees, in a similar matter a bat “sees”. How long does it take for these waves to return? What does that tell me about my surroundings?

It isn’t perfect yet, as that video is quite grainy. But, in 1976, we got this image of Mars’ surface.

About 25 years later, we have this.

So, who knows. In 25 years we may have a computer that can see. Scary?

Look for this in a movie.

UAIIA pt 2

August 19, 2008

Perhaps, better yet, how selfish is it to fall in love with someone?

Although, what I really mean, is how selfish is it to win over a hottie just to get her in bed? Falling in love, in my experience, is not a persuasive thing – it just is.


August 18, 2008

How selfish do you have to be to break up with someone?

It might begin. I’m not sure. We’ll know in three days.


August 14, 2008

I love that song. That song really really really makes me wanna make music. Especially the outro/”Untitled 10″ as fans call it.

I love finding weird things. I think that’s why I love dollar stores.
I love thunderstorms. There are greater powers than us.
I love sunshine, ironically enough. But only certain amounts.
I love people. Let’s face it, I’m a guy, so I love girls. But I love people in general.
I love a good conversation.
I love a good cup of coffee at night.
I love movies. I love a good conversation about a good movie.
I love music. I have yet to have a good conversation about music.
I love thinking. I love imagining. And, well, I love dreaming.
I love simple, yet powerful, images. A cross, for example.
I love realizing how fortunate I am. It’s very difficult to realize the things you take for granted, but I love discovering that.
I love understanding what little of the universe I understand. I love saying we live on a random rock around a random star in a random galaxy.
I love being creative. I love writing. I love playing my ukulele. I love making videos.
I love my family. I love my friends.

I love a quiet evening, playing Simon and Garfunkle on my record player.
I love the crackle and pop of a 33 1/3 vinyl record.
I love watching a bad 50s B-movie.

I love a lotta things. A lotta little things.

I think I’m done with that tag for a while…

Wouldn’t It Be Nice?

August 3, 2008

Yeah, I’m on a Beach Boys fix.  My own fault for that other entry.  Pet Sounds is always nice to listen to, though.

And, I have a new idea.  The classic elements.  Four short films ~20-30 minutes.  One last long movie, void/space/heaven.  Or something.  Heavens.  Possibly sci-fi.  Possibly.

Well, there’s the start of it.  Fire.  Burning.

What a lovely weekend I had.  I’m exhausted though.  And surprised how much my body wants to get up after only 7 or 7 and a half hours.  G’nite!

The great Brian Wilson composed an instrumental by that title about 40 years ago, on the great Beach Boys album Pet Sounds. And so, I did. As I’ve been meaning to, as I’ve been wanting to, seeing as how I have now scanned two of the worst departments in that grocery store.

And well, it sure is nice to see my friends again. It sure will be nice to be here for both nights. Although, I can tell come Monday I’m gonna be exhausted and not ready for work at all. And it also occurred to me that friends are friends. My fantasy of a perfect roommate is dwindling more and more.

It all comes back to the great life lesson from High Fidelity. Something about a fantasy with no laundry on the radiator. It comes down to the meaning of “Kodachrome” which is a song I need to find. No one meets my sweet imagination, and everything looks worse in black and white.

It is, indeed, an end of something. It was a strange time in my life.