Let’s Go Away For A While

August 2, 2008

The great Brian Wilson composed an instrumental by that title about 40 years ago, on the great Beach Boys album Pet Sounds. And so, I did. As I’ve been meaning to, as I’ve been wanting to, seeing as how I have now scanned two of the worst departments in that grocery store.

And well, it sure is nice to see my friends again. It sure will be nice to be here for both nights. Although, I can tell come Monday I’m gonna be exhausted and not ready for work at all. And it also occurred to me that friends are friends. My fantasy of a perfect roommate is dwindling more and more.

It all comes back to the great life lesson from High Fidelity. Something about a fantasy with no laundry on the radiator. It comes down to the meaning of “Kodachrome” which is a song I need to find. No one meets my sweet imagination, and everything looks worse in black and white.

It is, indeed, an end of something. It was a strange time in my life.


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