August 14, 2008

I love that song. That song really really really makes me wanna make music. Especially the outro/”Untitled 10″ as fans call it.

I love finding weird things. I think that’s why I love dollar stores.
I love thunderstorms. There are greater powers than us.
I love sunshine, ironically enough. But only certain amounts.
I love people. Let’s face it, I’m a guy, so I love girls. But I love people in general.
I love a good conversation.
I love a good cup of coffee at night.
I love movies. I love a good conversation about a good movie.
I love music. I have yet to have a good conversation about music.
I love thinking. I love imagining. And, well, I love dreaming.
I love simple, yet powerful, images. A cross, for example.
I love realizing how fortunate I am. It’s very difficult to realize the things you take for granted, but I love discovering that.
I love understanding what little of the universe I understand. I love saying we live on a random rock around a random star in a random galaxy.
I love being creative. I love writing. I love playing my ukulele. I love making videos.
I love my family. I love my friends.

I love a quiet evening, playing Simon and Garfunkle on my record player.
I love the crackle and pop of a 33 1/3 vinyl record.
I love watching a bad 50s B-movie.

I love a lotta things. A lotta little things.

I think I’m done with that tag for a while…


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