Chord Organ Blues

September 19, 2008

I cannot recall the first time I heard this song, although what I do remember of the day was that it was late at night, I was driving home from my local Barnes and Noble, and that was playing on the local college station. When I first heard it, I thought “Oh cool, Daniel Johnston.” When I downloaded it, I thought “It’s alright, but it’s pure Daniel Johnston, so I’ll keep it.” Then, I didn’t play it for the longest time.

Up until recently it just sat there in my iTunes library, with a handful of plays at the most. I was making an ‘end of summer mix’ about two weeks two early, but fitting cause the weather is constantly changing as it is. And, cause two weeks later, it really is the end of summer. I needed one other “noise” song, so I chose that. It isn’t exactly noisey, but it isn’t at all poppy or orchestrated or any of that radio-friendly stuff.

The song is really like 5 lines long, maybe, mostly he sings about his chord organ and his blues. Hence the title. But the more I played it, the more I liked it. The song could easily be one of my songs, with the bad but bearable voice, the simple progression and lack of melody. But there’s much more to it than a home-made recording.

In one part he sings For every chord that is played/there is a reward in my heart that is paid/because my soul loves music/and it loves to hear it made. On the surface is sounds silly. The rhyme isn’t particularly great. But think about it – the creative types are like this.

I’m slowly finishing up my first “official” short film, and I love filming it. I love telling people where to stand, where to set up the camera, etc. I love hearing new ideas and bouncing them off each other. I especially love the big laugh we have after someone fucks up and I have to yell “CUT”.

I too love playing the ukulele, as I had made in that long list of loves. But I think that making movies, especially what I have a current plan, will work much better. Yes, I’ve made those one-minute spontaneous songs, in which I can both play and sing at the same time. But my voice is only bearable. My songs have a simple progression, and a near lack of melody.


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