Oh No, Not Again

September 20, 2008

Oh no, I’m old.

Not quite, I actually have ~30 hours before actually being on this planet for 24 years. But OH MY GOD Has it really been that long?

September 22nd ’07 – I worked.
October ’07 – Going through the motions.
November ’07 – The start of this blog!
December. ’07 – I looked for apartments in Elmira – why??
January ’08 – You call this devotion?
February ’08 – A failed album – you call this devotion?
March ’08 – Attentivism begins, dinners there end. Sniffle (see July)
April ’08 – My EP is released; “Hey Pal” is recorded.
May ’08 – Serial.Experiments.Lain.
June ’08 – I now own a visual reminder of why I wanna make movies.
July ’08 – My aunt passes away 😦
August ’08 – Some real thoughts, for once
September ’08 – Some real conclusions, for once

I don’t feel a day over 21.5.


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