10 Days Without Facebook

September 27, 2008

I took the risk, and quit facebook.  Well, not entirely.  My account is still active, my friends are still writing on my wall.  But my status is blank.  I don’t know what your status is.  I don’t know what band you’ve recently added to your favorite music.  I do not know what you are a fan of.

But, isn’t that kind of the fun of living?  Going up to a “stranger” or a co-worker or friend, and saying “Have you seen this movie?  Have you heard this song?  Do you know this band?  Their last album was the best!”

Don’t get me wrong, facebook has some good qualities.  If you wanna make a party a week from now, you don’t have to send out invitation.  You don’t have to spend money on stamps and cards. You can quickly add or subtract the number of guests, by looking at the Yeses.

But, I feel much freer.  I mean, not entirely.  I think if I completely got off the internet I’d feel more free than I do.  But I don’t *have* to keep my information updated.  I don’t *have* to see what you’ve updated on your page.  All I have to do is find you, call you, e-mail you, and ask.  What have you been doing lately?  Oh really, I never knew that.

A real conversation.  I text, specifically sent for me.  Anyone can send out chain e-mails.  Any online company can spam your e-mail.  But a piece of information, just for me, from you.  That is all I need.  And all any of us should need.

Please, get off these social networks.  Keeping in touch is great, but finding a personal way to keep in touch is better.


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