So THAT’s why my hit count went lower

September 28, 2008

According to this, the world had some how ended on September 10th. Someone’s home made seismic earth detector had ceased to give readings around 8am (something like 2am on the US East Coast). Several other scientists had noticed it as well. So, evidently, we’re are already gone.

This was about 3 hours before the Large Hadron Collider test was scheduled, and supposedly happened. So, the theory currently stands at the earth was destroyed so the scientists wouldn’t destroy it first on October 21st of this year.

I went back to the How To Destroy The Earth site, and eventually found that information, just to see if there was any doubt from the site’s creator if microscopic black holes could destroy the earth. Cause, you know, his information is more reliable than actual scientists.

No wonder there isn’t anything good on TV these days…


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