Autumn Chilll

September 10, 2008

It’s indeed autumn.  It’s getting chilly.  It gets dark earlier.

Summer’s over.  Autumn is on its way.  It sucks.  🙂


Jack Black in 2008

September 7, 2008

I’ll admit, I’m probably the last person in America to watch Tropic Thunder. Not as great as I had hoped, but definitely an enjoyable movie. A fun movie at that, so I guess in a way Ben Stiller’s direction is 2/2. Jack Black, however, in this year alone, is 3/3.

Not everyone is going to like Be Kind Rewind, but it’s message is so good, and definitely something someone like me needed to…absorb. Kung Fu Panda was directed towards kids, which isn’t something to take away from it, but again isn’t going to make it win awards or tell a great story. Tropic Thunder is in the same category, as both of those movies actually. It definitely isn’t for everyone, and its message isn’t mind blowing or a great lesson learned.

However, all three have their unique charm, tell a unique story, and are fun to watch. And, isn’t that all you really want from a movie, or a story? To be entertained, to put a smile on your face, and to have their own logic? Are those too much to ask for?

Apparently not for Jack Black. Great job this year – I’m only half expecting something like The Holiday to randomly show up.

Such a lovely song. Although, he does change it up slightly. Interestingly enough.

We all love, we all infatuate, which apparently is a word (and a verb), and some of us inquire and act. Others hide away and wonder why the other person can’t figure us out. Which is stupid, but I do it, ergo I am stupid.

Something, most likely that song, reminded me of my last “true” love. This tall blond haired girl from college, who might know of this (hopefully not now lol). And it’s part of my history, it’s part of my past. It affects my present, and my art, but it isn’t part of my present.

Perhaps she is worth remembering and needs to be in my present. Or, perhaps she is the one memory I need to let go to be free. But artists, failed or successes, delayed or advanced, also need those people and those events (or lack of events) to create. Waking Life covers that – creativity comes from a lack of something.

And what do I do? Let these memories overtake me? Act on such a random memory? Move on and pretend? I’ve been trying to do the latter with everything else – pretend I’m not thinking about having to walk heel-toe-heel-toe. But, maybe, just maybe, this is telling me just be who I am, and do what I want to do.

A reunion is always nice, but not always necessary. Nor is it always advisable.

I thought about my true love/the one I really need/with eyes that burn so bright they make me pure/they make me pure/they make me pure/I long to be with you

I couldn’t help but notice

September 4, 2008

I forgot to write about this the other day.

Everyone knows we’re facing an economic crisis.  Everyone knows we’re in a war we shouldn’t really be in.  Everyone knows the world is warming and gas supply is low and life is on thin ice right now.

What no one seems to be doing is doing anything about it.  Myself included – but I take the time to notice it, and therefore I’m better, right?

No one wants to take responsibility.  No one wants to take a major risk.  No one wants to sacrifice, just so others don’t.

But in order to get out of such crises, especially the economic one because it hits us most directly (although, shouldn’t global warming?), we need to sacrifice.

If we all have gardens and grow vegetables and all become vegetarians, or seasonal vegetarians or something, it’d help.

I also can’t help but notice that somehow, somehow, I get visitors.  It isn’t that I don’t expect any, it’s just that the majority of them seem to come the day after I post something – as if I have fans?!?!

Oh, and uh, happy September, like five days late.  I suxx0rz.

Oh, and uh, thanks Jim Jarmusch.  This isn’t what I’ll base it on, but THE buddy movie…

That’s the second time I posted that video.

I also can’t help but notice how unfocused this post is.  And thus, how un-attentive-ism-istic it is 😛