UAIIA pt 3

November 28, 2008

My child > Your child. My big savings > Your big savings. Or, so some people think.

According to this, a Wal-mart employee was killed in a stampede. I realize a sale is a sale, and times are tough, but OH MY GOODNESS, someone died? Are people that irresponsible or selfish, that they don’t stop to wait for the clerk to get out of the way? A potential husband and/or father is now dead.

And, according to this, two men shot each other (and died) in a Toys R Us. One site claimed it was over an X-Box 360 (*so* two years ago…), while another said it wasn’t completely sale related. Evidently people bring guns into toy stores and settle their differences there… Two more husbands/potential fathers are now dead.

I really don’t know what to say to this. But, as a friend of mine said, this stuff is available online (even Wal-mart has an online shopper, I think), so like, buy stuff online. As much as I hate using the computer – buy stuff online. Save time, patience, and gas.


Downstate Duo?

November 24, 2008

I had my guitar out, in an attempt to make some pseudo-post-rock, and I realized I’m too used to my ukulele. I can’t even finger pick the guitar now. But, I made that…

So, it turns out no one thought much of my White Album turning 40 post – I guess Aeroplane turning 10 will continue to have my one-day record; 31 visits…

The White Album turns 40

November 22, 2008

I really don’t know what to write about this album; it’s so diverse, it’s so unique and so strong.

The album has some of the most unique Beatles songs ever recorded. It starts off with a Beach Boys mock, and ends with an over the top, near TV orchestrated tune. It has a sound collage, it has a suicidal tune following a birthday song, and it has some of the best love songs ever.

It was started over in India, where the band was off learning meditation. The only instrument they had with them was an acoustic guitar, and so most of the songs are acoustic/folk based. However, some of them are fully orchestrated, or full on rock songs, while others stay in their most simple orchestration – guitar and vocals. Maybe a foot tapping.

Picking out highlights is a chore, and of course based on individual tastes, but at the same time is every song, depending on mood and time of your life. “Back In The U.S.S.R.” is an amazing opener, bringing you in but not forcing you in. “Dear Prudence” follows, and is my ideal tune of spring fling music. “Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da” is a fun track everyone knows. “Wild Honey Pie” is a short and sweet tune, based on the fully developed “Honey Pie” (the two songs almost bookend the album, Wild… is track #5, while Honey… is fifth from last). “Happiness is a Warm Gun” is both chaotic and poppy, having somewhere between 3 and 5 movements (depending on how well your rhythm is). And of course, one of the strongest songs on the album, “While My Guitar Gently Weeps”. And that’s just the first side of the first record.

But, I didn’t flip records or change CDs. In these days, you can have it all on your computer, and make a playlist of the 30 songs. You can use an hour and a half of your time to listen to the whole thing, as I just did. You can listen to it as one continuous piece of music, as it probably was meant to. Many of the songs lead into one another (the aforementioned “Happiness is a Warm Gun” fades into “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” rather humorously – it sounds like Lennon yelling “Here ya go”). Many of the songs include odd outros and half songs, as if each song is meant to some how blend together – even if poorly.

But, that was partially the point of the record. A lot of it is reflexive (do I even have to mention “Glass Onion”?), and a lot of it is just making songs out of half-forgotten melodies composed over the years. Oddly enough though, the entire album does work strongly together, despite its chaos and mess. How many albums do you know of have this many genres, and this much fun (and this many peculiarities), have had such a lasting appeal as The White Album. It was exactly what The Beatles needed at this time in their career – everyone had “quit” the band at least once during the recording sessions, and when they hadn’t were at wits end with each other. But this album shows just how well the fab four got along, even if at times they couldn’t even stand the site of each other in the same studio.


November 17, 2008

And thus, my latest idea is shot full of holes. Well, not really. I’m of course gonna have the computer communication, over population and pollution distopia, not this…dark city distopia.

The movie, however, was quite wonderful. Somewhere between Metropolis, Blade Runner and…telepathy, this movies is so good. What is real, you or your memories? Does what you’ve done define who you are? Or those you remember, or those you love(d), do they really mean anything in your present?

But, like all good distopias, there’s common themes. Good triumphs over evil. Individuality and freedom and the things that make us human overcome obstacles. And, the individual has power to change the world around him, if he concentrates enough.

It does, however, get a little too cheesey at times (I laughed a good 5 times, but at least one was the “ooh, the writer was clever” kind), and the deus ex machina comes too sudden and seemingly out of nowhere (although, the scene before gets you ready), it’s good. If you loved the Matrix, watch this. And, enjoy it because it came out like a year before hand – oh, and it also turned 10 this past February.

And, like all good movies, it gave me an idea…

My latest idea…

November 11, 2008

Turn ideas into posters, album covers, or title pages.

Post No. 100!

I hate to watch

November 10, 2008

Well, I don’t hate. I actually do often see myself as a silent observer, and that’s all we all really are. Anyways, I hate to see myself ignoring things like people’s birthdays (which I do), and forgetting anniversaries (I’ve done many times). So like, why should it matter when I started this blog? And for that matter, why should it matter that Wednesday is the 1st anniversary of this blog?

In fact, up until recently, I only knew that Nov. ’07 was around the start of it, cause my blog entries didn’t go any further than that. Had the links not been available, I’d have no idea. AND, had WordPress not kept me updated on my post total, I also wouldn’t have realized I’m approaching 100 posts.

Don’t get me wrong – were I to make my 100th post on the anniversary of the start of this blog would’ve been a neat coincidence, but I’m realizing now something else. A true artist wouldn’t take these things into account. Why should I work harder, and add to my schedule, just cause two things are coming up? Now, I don’t yet see myself as a true artist, but to be truly creative you create in the moment, from the past. You don’t look to the past and sit and count. You just do.

I like to think, though, that keeping this blog for a whole year, and showing off my creations, is an accomplishment. I remember in college having a Xanga for more than a year, but mostly posting how I couldn’t talk to girls – and the occasional album review. At least this time I’m creating in an attempt to fill the void of not talking to girls…

So, here I go, into an unknown future. Accepting that things have started without me, and other things will finish without me. But hopefully, inspiration is inspiration, and the past will mean nothing more than an earlier outlook…

Indifferent? Pshaw!

November 8, 2008

So, I listened to my outtakes, and it surprisingly worked pretty decently together. It’s by no means great, but it’s another thing I’ve accomplished. It’s only 25 minutes long, but I’ve gotten some good reactions to it. No one loved it, but I feel this is better than any of my other offerings. I’m not gonna sendspace it all, again though.

So, I dunno what to do now. I mean, I’m kinda done with the one thing, which is ironic cause I wanted to start music up November 1st. Which was the point of posting the fully realized version of “Indifference”. Maybe tomorrow I should film ‘Stood Up’ finally…

And I’ve been wondering about how to go about my future, and despite hearing some things about banks and bank teller duties, I think that’d be a good fit for me. Last weekend I had to do my crappy Saturday sales work, and got off at 2:30 and got a lot done blah blah blah. I went out later and was listening to A Prairie Home Companion; proof that there is still good stuff on the radio. And, I liked it. I felt like I was a day ahead of Garrison Keillor (huh?). And while yes, it was “Saturday ‘n’/the band was playin'” and I couldn’t ask for more, I also felt like I had two free days in front of me, instead of the rest of the world’s only Sunday…


November 5, 2008

So, it is official. I’m giving up on All I Perceive. And to think, I had the artwork all planned out and everything (but wait ’til my early demos comp!).

It is also official – congrats Mr. Obama. The first African-American president. We’ll see how the country reacts; either an inspiration against all the odds, or we’re still racist and can’t stand the idea of the “other” in power.

Well, I am seeing how I did though, with outtakes and things…

Here We Go

November 3, 2008

In less than 12 hours, polls open (on the eastern coast). I’m not going to tell you who to vote for, cause I’m not too enthusiastic about either candidate to begin with. I’m not going to tell you which party is right, whether or not being liberal is better than conservative. Hell, I’m a registered independent, but Nader isn’t going to win (and if he does, you thought Gore’s nature politics were odd…).

What I am going to say though, is what everyone else is telling you. VOTE. For once, put your concerns of America aside, and vote. Besides, you can’t complain if you didn’t say anything…

What I will do, is break it down as follows…

Both candidates have the sympathy vote (McCain’s grandpa look and Obama’s grandmother’s recent passing).
Both candidates have a segregation card (Obama’s race and Palin’s gender).
Obama has a lack of experience, McCain has age and wisdom.
McCain has ties to Bush, Obama has history issues (how can you distance yourself from things when you’re “only” 47 years old).
McCain is “dumb” for choosing Palin, and Obama is “dumb” for not choosing Hilary.

Wow, we’re pretty backwards and picky as citizens. No wonder we’re choosing the lesser of two evils.

So go vote. It’s the most important thing you can do as a citizen.

When You Were Young…

November 1, 2008

So starts the best album ever. …You were the king of carrot flowers. Well, okay, maybe not THE best album ever. On Avery Island is a close second 😛

Anyways, today is a special day for me, but two years ago at about this time is was one of the most depressing days of my life. Stupid social college stuff – the desire to have a girlfriend. I did indeed forget about it at work, but now that I’m out of work, and going to have my mind to myself for the rest of the day (yay loner Virgo!) I’m sure it’ll have its effect. But, I’m quite glad I was able to put it behind me for work – cause today is today, and not yesterday.

But I’ve been thinking a little bit lately about Twee music, and even attempting to make Twee music, and was trying to find the orchestrated version of “Engine” around somewhere. But what I got instead was memories of the best opening track, “King Of Carrot Flowers pt. 1”. And, how I interpret it as “I’m young, I’m in love, and boy are my parents weird” – or, teenage stuff. Which is what got me into that predicament two years ago…

I even, in infatuation, have a silly alternate “verse” to the song – That was the day/to my dismay/I knew I could love/and saw an angel standing in your shoes/and even then I couldn’t tell you all the news.

Just to show, how much the album, and songs, have influenced me…

What a beautiful face/I have found in this place/that is circling all around the sun.

God, I need to write about something besides girls and Neutral Milk Hotel…