November 17, 2008

And thus, my latest idea is shot full of holes. Well, not really. I’m of course gonna have the computer communication, over population and pollution distopia, not this…dark city distopia.

The movie, however, was quite wonderful. Somewhere between Metropolis, Blade Runner and…telepathy, this movies is so good. What is real, you or your memories? Does what you’ve done define who you are? Or those you remember, or those you love(d), do they really mean anything in your present?

But, like all good distopias, there’s common themes. Good triumphs over evil. Individuality and freedom and the things that make us human overcome obstacles. And, the individual has power to change the world around him, if he concentrates enough.

It does, however, get a little too cheesey at times (I laughed a good 5 times, but at least one was the “ooh, the writer was clever” kind), and the deus ex machina comes too sudden and seemingly out of nowhere (although, the scene before gets you ready), it’s good. If you loved the Matrix, watch this. And, enjoy it because it came out like a year before hand – oh, and it also turned 10 this past February.

And, like all good movies, it gave me an idea…


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