UAIIA pt 3

November 28, 2008

My child > Your child. My big savings > Your big savings. Or, so some people think.

According to this, a Wal-mart employee was killed in a stampede. I realize a sale is a sale, and times are tough, but OH MY GOODNESS, someone died? Are people that irresponsible or selfish, that they don’t stop to wait for the clerk to get out of the way? A potential husband and/or father is now dead.

And, according to this, two men shot each other (and died) in a Toys R Us. One site claimed it was over an X-Box 360 (*so* two years ago…), while another said it wasn’t completely sale related. Evidently people bring guns into toy stores and settle their differences there… Two more husbands/potential fathers are now dead.

I really don’t know what to say to this. But, as a friend of mine said, this stuff is available online (even Wal-mart has an online shopper, I think), so like, buy stuff online. As much as I hate using the computer – buy stuff online. Save time, patience, and gas.


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