Regular Unleaded: $1.989 a gallon

December 4, 2008

Happy December, I guess…

So in driving around the other day, I stumbled across gas for less than $2.00 a gallon. Which I was happy about for two reasons. One, it’s less on my wallet, and also because a friend of mine once said “At this rate, gas will never be under $2/gallon.” Of course, I agreed with him when he said it.

So, doing all the math I did when gas was $4/gallon, I now can go to work all week. I now can take that girl out for ice cream (what? who gets ice cream in December – and where?). I can also get that CD for when she turns me down for a second date. And probably have more left over – I didn’t actually sit and do the math this time.

So, isn’t it funny? A lack of faith in the economy, and officially being in a recession has one good outcome. Cheap gas.

But, isn’t that the way it should be? Tomorrow looks bleak, and who knows what’ll happen. I’ll spend my time and money with you.

A side fact – premium gas, which was the first thing over $4/gallon I cared about (and most car drivers) is actually “so” cheap now that $20 will give you about 9 gallons. If you have a kick-ass car (as most people should by now), you can easily get 225 gallons on that. Enough to go from Boston, MA to NYC, NY. But, then you have to spend another $20 getting back…


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