You run and you run

December 28, 2008

…to catch up with the sun, but it’s sinking.

Is this angst? Frustration? Disappointment? Time running out?

I am really on my last straw. I’m not sick of work, but I’m definitely not looking forward to inventory. I’m never rude to my friends, but fights are fights, and disagreements are disagreements. Sad music is sad music. Doubt, loneliness, it’s all there. I guess.

Or, is it just the year coming to an end? Christmas came way too fast, and so I guess New Year’s is also coming way too fast. I cannot believe it’s 2009 already (well, in three days, but yeah). But I feel powerless. And when I say something, I cause disappointment.

Did you expect it all to stop/at the wave of a hand/like the sun’s just gonna drop/if it’s night you demand. It’s funny, I wrote lyrics last night in the spirit of Connor Oberst. It was directed to someone specific, but now I wonder if it was also directed towards me.

There goes 2008.


3 Responses to “You run and you run”

  1. Grégoire said

    gawd, i haven’t heard that song in years. i loved it.

    …to come up behind you again…

  2. bigh012345 said

    It’s been a while since I’ve heard it, personally. I dunno where Floyd disappeared to in my life.

    Always nice to briefly meet a fellow Floyd fan. Happy New Year!

  3. Grégoire said

    It’s a cool blog you’ve got. A Happy and prosperous 2009 to you as well.

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