A New Chapter

January 1, 2009

And just like that, 2008 is over.

It’s been a good year; I was originally gonna reflect like I did with last year’s “highlights” but I realized that actually having to research some of it probably means it wasn’t as memorable as it should have been. And, I mean, it’s 12:20am, Jan 1st 2009 and I’m already writing on my blog…

But it was a nice year, I had a creative peak or so I thought. I wrote a buncha songs, came up with a lot of good ideas for movies and short films, and actually a few of them seem worth while. I like to think I have about 3 good songs from this year, but why limit my creations to good or bad? And thus, why limit my past to a number on a list, instead of just creative peak.

But instead, I would like to list things I’m looking forward to in 2009:

Getting things done.

That is all. What I wanna do – move out, get a new job, film more often, and finish videos more often. And, get them seen.

I can’t believe it’s starting anew. But, I did it the only way I wanted – watching The Twilight Zone marathon with my family. Bringing people together through a visual medium.


One Response to “A New Chapter”

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