Ray Guns Are Not Just The Future

January 27, 2009

Last year I stumbled upon what seems to be my new annual discovery – some random electro-pop that isn’t quite twee but is unique and home made and fun to listen to. It was The Bird & The Bee’s debut self-titled album. While it wasn’t the usual electro-pop I was used to, it had a unique calm, relaxing and thoughtful side to it, instead of the simple post-teenage angst most electro pop is.

Fast forward about six months, to the middle of winter. I still give their debut album a spin now and then, along with their EP Please Clap Your Hands. Their latest release is out today, and I go and spend money I probably shouldn’t.

While nothing is as new as TB&TB sounded, this sounds polished and tighter. Melodies are catchier. Songs are sillier. Rhymes are more unique and interesting. But, that isn’t all there is to the band, unfortunately.

Just like the other album, there’s times where the songs are slower and magical. Nothing is as thought provoking and beautifully haunting as “Spark” from the first CD. No ballads like “I’m A Broken Heart.” While “Ray Gun” is calm and unique, it drags. The closer “Lifespan Of A Fly” is nice, but even that seems too chugging.

Don’t get me wrong, the pop songs on this album are nice. There is still the charmingly awkward Bird And The Bee quirk of perhaps one too many syllables in the verse said on beat. There’s the two singles “Polite Dance Song” and “Birthday” which are indeed singles. But they’ve become the pop band they should not have become.

And here I thought I was a big fan of theirs.


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