It’s Up To Me Now

February 28, 2009

Interpol NYC
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Turn On The Bright Lights

I remember when I first heard this song. Winter of ’06. A certain someone broke my heart. It seems I’ve returned the favor.

But New York Cares.



February 27, 2009

What is normal? The world is still throwing new things at me. But, isn’t that normal? Friends are still mad at me, friends are still talking to me. Isn’t that normal? Work still sucks, isn’t that normal?

What’s normal, is that it’s my mom’s birthday. My birthday seems to change. My mom’s never changes. Which is nice. Just the way she’d want it. Calm, relaxing. Feeding her family. Cleaning up after the cat.

Nothing out of the ordinary. Normal. Completely normal.

Shawangunk Ridge pt. 1

February 24, 2009

No, not a farm. Oh well…

A Quick Change Of Pace

February 21, 2009

I dunno if I’m going out to take pictures of farms today (and tomorrow’s supposed to snow, bummer).

BUT, don’t buy chocolate! Well, stick with Russel Stovers or Cadburys or something organic (!). Hershey’s is moving to Mexico. And took 300 American jobs away with it.

First it was Budweiser to Belgium, now Hershey’s to Mexico.

Is this what they call globalization?

Trying Something New…

February 20, 2009

It’s an old picture, ironically enough.

Anyways, this new thing. I’ve been meaning to. I’m gonna take photographs of farms around here. That was just the closest I had, as a tease.

We’ll see how it goes. Art is art, and a creative process in general.

So This Is Goodbye

February 16, 2009

I used to drive home from your house late at night, and would occasionally see this man walking his dog. Sometimes in the middle of winter, around 11pm or later. I wonder what his life must be like. I wonder if I should stop and say hello.

What if he was really really lonely? What if he had a knife, and wanted to stab me to death? What if I drove passed and splashed water on him?

What if I grew, right in front of you? What if confidence grew so much it became arrogance? What if I stayed passive, like I was in high school?

I sigh. What if won’t get you anywhere. What is will get you everywhere.

Walking back to you/is the hardest thing/I can’t do
Goodbye. For now.

So, this is life. The ups and downs of it. How fitting, it’s around Valentine’s Day. The most meaningful time to lose a lover. Or, so it seems.

But I thought she said Maple Leaves
I love that version, btw.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

February 13, 2009


What a lovely Valentine’s Day dinner I had, the day before Valentine’s Day. I have a really good girlfriend.

I still don’t like the holiday as a whole. Why don’t we show love and buy gifts like this everyday?

A Test

February 12, 2009

Did that work, at 12 midnight, exactly?

I won’t know until this afternoon…

Australian Wild Fires

February 11, 2009

How cute.