Keep It Like A Secret turns 10

February 2, 2009

I dunno how long it’s been since I actually listened to Built To Spill. I know I love love loved Perfect in my junior year of college (yeah, most kids would say their junior year of high school, I know), so I can only imagine it’s been 3 or 4 years at the most I’ve had Keep It Like A Secret.

While I still regret not doing this for Perfect From Now On (although, I only “recently” thought of doing 10th anniversary CD/movie posts), Keep It Like A Secret is definitely the next best choice. While not as adventurous as Perfect‘s wandering indie rock, it’s definitely as catchy as the album prior to it, There’s Nothing Wrong With Love. And while it isn’t full of unique love songs and brief stories of individuals, it’s just as hard and melodic as Perfect. Confused? Good.

“The Plan” starts things off perfectly, somewhere between noise rock and anthem rock, it seems to tell the story of ideas sounding good, and then fading away. “Carry The Zero” has to be the best song on the album, both meandering and almost dancey at times in the outro. It’s also quite easy to get lost in the Built To Spill lyrics of that song.

“Sidewalk” is somewhere between punk and classic rock, which makes it as unique as my horrible description. “Time Trap” would be a stomper if it weren’t so “light” at times. “You Were Right” is a send-up to classic rock – “You were right when you said/we’re all just bricks in the wall“.

But in classic Built To Spill attitude, the last song is well over 8 minutes, and while at times it does drag is both loud and pretty, and has someone whistling on the track. Whistling! During a noisey outro!

Listening to this now makes me appreciate You In Reverse a lot more than I had, especially the ending songs on that album. It makes me appreciate Perfect‘s wandering parts more, and makes me realize how creative the band is as a whole. I cannot help but wonder, how many Built To Spill fans were listening to this ten years ago, for the very first time…


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