28 Days Later

March 1, 2009

Happy March!

Yeah, I figured I’d use a little pun. February is only 28 days afterall…

I’m gonna re-watch the movie. Something in me, probably obsessing over Sunshine, and Danny Boyle’s success with Slumdog made me wanna watch his other films. But at the same time, it’s partially like what I wanna do.

He closed off streets so he could film and empty city. No other cars on the highway. Just like Immune, and possibly Type (well, Type is gonna have some people outside, but I dunno about car presence. Maybe that’s where the underground tunnels start?!).

Speaking of Danny Boyle’s work though, I couldn’t help but notice in Borders today Sunshine was still on the shelf. I thought people would’ve done the same, and looked for his other work. Oh well. So, while I was there, I decided to be selfish and ignore Richard Dawkins. The Selfish Gene was in full effect Mr. Dawkins – instead I bought an Independent Film Feature Production book. To follow in the footsteps of some people mentioned on the back, and not intellectuals.

Oh, and just to make this entry even more scatterbrained, I’ve been going to bed earlier. I must be getting older, life’s taking its toll on me. My dogs are barkin’…


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