Thanks For Lunch Barack Obama

March 6, 2009

A few weeks ago, Barack Obama was in my hometown, and offered to buy me breakfast. That’s right. MY hometown, buying ME BREAKFAST! I looked at my watch – 9:30. Then I thought, and realized that I’m never up that early, and I don’t wear my watch. I shook my head no – “This is a dream Mr. President.”

I never had that dream, but apparently Barack Obama had something similar. Because today in my paycheck was 8 extra dollars. That’s right. MY paycheck was 8 extra DOLLARS. So, I went out and bought lunch with it – cause I had breakfast before showing up to work. Somehow, I was up for that…

Can you believe it? Barack Obama paid for my lunch! Mine, all mine!

It turned out all my coworkers had the same thing. Darn. I thought I was special.

So, I did my part, now do yours. Go out and have lunch or breakfast to help stimulate the economy. $8 saved is $8 earned, but it ain’t much saved.


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