March 16, 2009

So, about three days later, I finally understand it and know how to review it. As a whole, it’s a good movie. Definitely not great, and not great for its duration. Oddly enough though, it rarely drags, and touches on many topics, instead of trying to fill its total time.

Trying to summarize it will be nearly impossible, but it basically tells the story as the characters go from human to superheroes, and now where they are now. It is an alternate time line story, set in the 70s but doesn’t feel dated. It ponders human existance and shortcomings, without being too pompous. Too pompous.

But oddly enough, it still fails. By overloading the story with about 5 stories nearly simultaneously, you feel informed but lost. By leaving all the characters with personal triumphs and losses, you’re both confused and entertained. By filling in little gaps, retelling history and trying to be philosophical, you’re either overloaded or lost.

However, it is very nice to look at. Lots of very good effects. Lots of interesting points. Unfortunately it’s points only seem to last for the scene in which they take place. The visual effects are nice, but aren’t substance. The story seems to go nowhere, and it definitely leaves you off nowhere, after everything that happens.

As a general movie goer, I wouldn’t recommend anyone see it. For a comic book fan, I’d suggest they see it (it’s supposed to be quite loyal to the graphic novel). But anyone looking for an entertaining movie they can forget a few days later or an all-time favorite, look elsewhere. Somehow this movie is neither forgettable nor changing cinema forever. It just is, and it tries to be a lot more.


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