A Good Friday?

April 10, 2009

I have my own doubts about religion. I’ve been at that age of What proof is there of God? Why isn’t God prominent in my life? I haven’t been to church for years and years. I haven’t prayed for a while, and usually only do if a friend tells me to pray for him or her.

But recently with the passing Lent, I’ve been thinking a lot about religion. At some point I came to realize that religion is probably the best thing we humans have created. And that it’s a way to influence each other without sounding arrogant or demanding. Who am I to tell you how to raise a child? But here’s a God, and He says to do this, hoping your children will do the same.

I realized Lent itself is a tool to accept loss and sacrifice. What would happen if we had to give something up, without willingly giving something up for 40 (50, 100, 200, etc.) days?

Another thing I’ve recently been pondering is my naive look at Mr. Albert Camus, and my strange obsession with him. I’ve been thinking about how he died in a car accident, and was still working on a novel at the time. And how he was still “young” and how much of a personal savior he is to me. Well, Jesus died on Good Friday (the Friday before the first Sunday after the first full moon after the vernal equinox – lol). And even if you aren’t particularly religious or didn’t give up meat on Fridays during Lent, you just don’t eat meat on Good Friday.

I have my own doubts about religion. But sacrificing something as small as eating meat on the anniversary of a savior’s death is something I can understand. I might not do this for Albert Camus’ death date cause I’m not that obsessed. But I fully understand and support sacrificing something on Jesus’ death date.

Besides, Camus was just a soul much braver than I. Jesus actually had a plan for peace, and (supposedly) gave the ultimate sacrifice for us. Truly attentive.


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