Up Early On A Sunday

May 24, 2009

I’m never up at this hour. Which is bad. Seriously.

But, for whatever reason, I am up now. And have been for about an hour or so right now. Probably an hour since I got out of bed, but you get the idea.

It’s strange, but it’s nice. I used to love sleeping in. And I still do. But I was out somewhat late last night, so getting up before 10:30 is a surprise for me. It’s still a good 9 hours of sleep or so, which is more than enough. I bet my parents are surprised I’m up, they’re used to my 11:30 wake up time as well.

But maybe this is what I need to do. Especially on weekends. Cause, I want some alone time, which I have right now. My parents are doing a few chores and other Sunday morning routines. And instead of wasting it with dreams I won’t remember I’m using it for comfort. Which is rare these days of planning and dreaming, and dreaming which prevents planning. I can use this hour or so to type on my blog and comfort entry, instead of a “Oh no, what should I do?” or a “Here’s something I created that wore me out.”

Instead I’m letting the early Sunday dreams pop up, and listening to Jake Shimabukuro’s ukulele – basically cafe ambient music, but it’s a ukulele! And how peaceful it is.


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