I Am Emo

May 30, 2009

Okay, no, I am not emo. Not right now at least. But that song was the song I overplayed the last time I really felt emo. But I watched the sad episode of Hunter X Hunter, and realized something.

I like being emo. Now, I don’t like sitting in the corner in the dark cutting my wrists listening to a sad song over and over. But I like that gloom. I like that overwhelming emotion. I like that for once I feel more important than the world – which is not at all how it should be.

But another reason I like feeling emo is overcoming it. It’s the true individual spirit, to move on from things and feel better about yourself. It’s about being yourself while moving on from what you were, and without what you once had.

“Unfortunately” though, I’m not as easily swayed by girls, so I guess I really have to feel before I can feel again. I guess I have to give it my all to feel like I lost it all. Which is the way it should be.

P.S. that video sucks. P.P.S. something came up tonight, and I feel bad, but not emo.


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