Just Like I Remember

June 6, 2009

I come home late on a Saturday. Well, late as in the afternoon into evening. My dad cut the grass while I was out. It’s about an hour before dinner. I lounge around, read the paper, and pester the cat. I wait for dinner.

Dinner is German food – bratwurst. And as much as I dislike it, grilled bratwurst somehow fit the mood. I eat the potato wedges my mommy makes, which are so good. The only good part of that meal.

A horse race is on TV. I’m not really concerned, but I stay and watch cause it’d be rude to the jockeys and rude to my parents’ interest in it. But I think. I realize this is a Saturday, just like I remember.

* * * * *
P.S. I have a new song idea, for the Daydreams and Memories album. The title track. But I have to cut my fingernails first…


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