I Want Wind To Blow

June 15, 2009

I once told someone how I love listening to The Microphones during a thunderstorm.

I love the first song on “The Glow pt. 2” so much. Its slow build up. Phil’s off-key whisper. He sings about the end of a thunderstorm, and it becomes a song about the end of life. The continuing build up of instruments, but still keeping it lo-fi and homemade. The bass drum thunders. The distorted cymbals (lightning? raining?). The continuation into the next song, which is almost a mirror-image of the first song – starts out overloaded and loud, and ends with a tabbed outro, much like how the first song began.

I can hear thunder in the distance out of the window. It seems like it’s been raining for weeks. And, I can hear the thunder of The Microphones, over my headphones.


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