3 Months Away

June 22, 2009

Wow, has it been 9 months, the other way?

I’m 3/4ths of the way to 25 from 24. Oh no!!! What ever am I gonna do? I guess I better work on that album…

So, I watched Taken tonight. It was a pretty decent film. An interesting plot, a few twists. But otherwise it was an expected cliché action film. Nice to see Liam Neeson doing more work though.

And after watching it, I’ve decided I never wanna travel abroad. However, I also decided that visiting all 50 states would be pretty cool. I need to figure out a schedule though – I’ve seen things that say one state per week over a summer for 4 years would cover that. But, I don’t have summer vacations anymore, so maybe like two or three a year? Leave things like Hawaii for a honeymoon? Or, a ukulele fest…

But, it sounds exciting, and a worthwhile challenge. And, it’d be seeing the world, without having to fill out passport information…

OH, and if my birthday is 3 months away, the autumnal equinox is 3 months away. So, HAPPY SUMMER!!!


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