I’m A Failed Thinker

July 3, 2009

I wrote this whole entry about meeting new people and how I met three people in the past two days, and how 3 people in 48 hours is 16 hours per person, but in waking time it’s closer to 12. How one was a kid I didn’t know but I knew his brother. How one reminded me of a younger me, starting out at work. And a final one reminded me of how I was in high school around girls.

But I didn’t realize how impossible it was to categorize it until I was trying to. And how bad I must be with words, cause no major theme stood out in the entry. And how being unable to make it fit into a category was more important than the post itself.

I’m a failed thinker. I’m bad with words. So be it. No wonder meeting 3 people in 48 hours is an overload.


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