Independence Day

July 4, 2009

Boy oh boy, what a day…

I had to work on July 4th. I never really worried about working on holidays – most of the time I enjoy it! I’d rather work than one of my coworkers, cause they deserve it. I mean, I deserve it just as much, but I’d sacrifice my day so they can enjoy it. Anyways, I worked bright and early on July 4th.

I got up on my own at 5 o’clock (I actually briefly awoke with my alarm at 4:45, but the college station was playing rap, so I turned it off and went back to sleep). I ended up having to feed the cat too. I got work done relatively quickly, and did what I had to. I picked up my girlfriend after work, and we hung out. We were tangled up together reading Scary Stories and More Scary Stories books, mostly as a joke. We went out and took pictures on my camera, and went to a park. We went on the paddle boats. We did some exercises listed around the park. We ate dinner together. Took a nap, and had dessert. I came home somewhat early, but that’s cause I have to work again tomorrow (lame, and I’m not watching fireworks – is that unpatriotic?).

But it was so nice. It certainly beat typing on the computer all afternoon, or driving around aimlessly listening to A Prairie Home Companion by myself. It was a very new day, and new way of life. Probably just like the independence day of 1776.

I love my girlfriend.


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