40 Years Ago Today, Neil Armstrong

July 20, 2009

We’ve all seen that clip many times. The quote is far more famous than the event. Many documentaries and opinions have been made in reaction to it. Many celebrations and homages.

But 40 years ago today we were all pressed to our televisions, watching three men fly further than we could imagine. Two of them landed on the moon and had time to walk in and take in the sights, along with samples for science.

It’s still a cold and dusty rock up there we can see most nights. It has no atmosphere. It has about 1/6th the gravity of earth. It’s empty. It’s boring.

But it’s also one of the greatest achievements man has accomplished. This morning I heard Buzz Aldrin mention how we came out of the water, we came out of the trees, and finally we’ve left earth. While we haven’t adapted yet, it’s the next point for man.

It’s also another use of fuel, a reliance on technology, and human’s desire to get there first and own it. But that complaint is for another day.


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