Oh I Love You On A Tuesday

August 4, 2009

A few years ago, when I obsessed over Neutral Milk Hotel I stumbled upon someone’s blog entry that read “It’s Monday! That Means Jeff Mangum Will Love Me Tomorrow!”

I probably read the blog entry but can’t recall anything I read or learned from it. But one thing I am learning is how exciting is it have a blog. Now, it’s probably not that exciting in the long run, but think about it.

I used to visit message boards, and still do more often than not. I once loved message boards so much I’d create cheesy ezboard message boards just to see if anyone would join. I wanted the power and the control, but didn’t want to do the work to get members to join (how telling that is about my life right now!)

And on all message boards you get the always popular ‘flaming’ and ‘trolling’ and just general stupid people who defend their post like its a loved one. I did that as well, in my youth.

But what you also get is a community feel, which is really nice. You belong to something. It’s like going to church, but there’s no handshaking and praying and bread eating or wine drinking. Not that I’d suggest drinking and posting, but I’m sure I’ve done that as well…

But the thing about blogs is that THIS in my opinion. And if you don’t like it, you don’t have to read it. If you do like it, maybe you’ll read another entry. If you like what I have to say maybe you’ll stick around and favorite it, or even put it in your blog roll). No one really sticks around to flame, cause they don’t have any association with the blog. They don’t wait for someone else to post and spam their thread, cause if someone followed you to another blog it’d be insanely creepy.

And while, no, there is no community feel to it, and I need people to search for my blog, it’s like life. I have to send in my resume and stand out from the crowd. It’s like making art, I need someone to go and search for my work, rather than look at it once cause it got in the way of another subject.

And that’s what is so exciting about blogs. They reflect life more than a message board or a chat room. I have to make people interested in me, and I have to do something interesting.

That sounds awfully conceited, but I guess so is having a blog…


One Response to “Oh I Love You On A Tuesday”

  1. Yes, there is something innately egocentric about blogging – the Internet equivalent of standing on a big box and saying “listen to me”.

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