August 12, 2009

Moon. Not, don’t show me that!

So, I finally went and saw it. It’s a pretty good movie. The trailer, however, doesn’t quite do it justice. Nor does all the hype.

While the trailer looks more like a man going crazy on the moon, which is a nice starting point of the movie, there is much more than that. It basically makes you ponder your existence, which isn’t always a good thing for movies to do.

Who am I, and what can I show you that I have specifically done? Where am I, and where do I belong in this world? What should I do, and what can I do, in this world?

These are the major themes of the movie. We see a man and a possible double on the screen. We see them, a few million miles from earth. And we see them decide together to try and make their home a better place.

It starts off with a sci-fi theme, what if this, what if that? But it turns into much more. I do not know if that makes it a success or not, but it’s definitely worth seeking out, if you can find it.


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