Animal Collective, Again

August 23, 2009

Sometimes, I imagine I can make music. And well, I can make music, but I don’t know if I can make good music.

Sometimes I overthink things. Am I doing one thing cause it’s what my surroundings made me interested in? Or am I doing it because I really want to do it? I’ve always wanted to be a movie director. Some times I wanna be a writer. Other times I wanna make music.

Recently, upon finding out Animal Collective’s underrated (by me even!) Song Tungs album was recorded in only a few weeks (according to all music guide), I’ve wondered if I should make an AC influenced album, before I turn 25. You know, instead of the album I want to make.

But then I think I’m lazy. And then I think about my friends, and blame them cause they take up all my time.

Which is funny, cause if I made a short film with them, would they be taking up all my time?

Although, I know what is really taking up all of my time…


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