The O’s

September 27, 2009

Earlier this week I was thinking about if I should write a post-countdown entry, because there were a few things I realized I missed. One very important movie is The Royal Tenenbaums came out in 2001, and I could’ve sworn it was earlier than that. So, there’s a big misstep on my part. Another one is that technically Kid A should not be on the albums list because there was no year 0, thus 2000 is actually part of the 90s (which began in 1991, obviously). What I missed there was Jens Lekman’s wonderful Night Fall Over Kortedala, which should easily be #9 if not higher. So, I guess the record of the decade is The Apples In Stereo’s New Magnetic Wonder – as it should be.

But as life continued I got thinking about things, and how the 00s or the Os were when I truly changed and truly became myself. I was 15 when it turned 2000 – or maybe I should say 16 when it turned 2001. I only recently turned 25 and realize what a strange ten years it has been.

I don’t recall what I got my 15th birthday, or what I was doing on January 1st 2000, although I do remember sitting around in the mild December of 1999 and watching the world celebrate. I later remember my dad saying how he was thinking about two things – the Chinese’s missiles (remember the Y2K scare?) and how it’s going to be 2000. Actually that last one I just made up, I forget what he said.

But I clearly remember in 2000 having my first real crush, and in 2001 being crushed by another one. Life has changed very much in that regard; I’m not as nervous as I once was – I usually have to say a lot more than “Hi” to get my stomach feeling funny. I graduated high school and went to college. Did a lot of stupid things there that I won’t touch upon – okay in college it’s “cool” (or something) to do drugs, but what about being lazy? Doing a halfway decent job at things? I may have only done drugs once, but I’ve been lazy a countless amount of times. I wonder which was the real stupid thing I did.

I went to a concert, I was at college concerts. I found work, I found new friends. I found disappointment in many parts of life – I’m sure I’m to blame for half of that as well, either cause it for others or myself. I’ve had fun. I’ve thought. I’ve been serious. I’ve become addicted to coffee, but I guess that’s better than other addictions out there.

I’ve found new interests and new hobbies. A lot of things are interesting for 3 days, and then it disappears again. But then there are things like playing the ukulele, and making a video. I’m an entertainer, even if just at a beginner’s level. At 15 I never would’ve imagined that. The ukulele? Cute folk music? At 15 I think I was obsessed over that Green Day song and The Mighty Mighty Bosstones – you know, right before they disappeared into music history. But at 25 I can make my own music, and make my own movies. I really have changed.

Now I only need to be on the doing side of all other things in my life.



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