September 1, 2009

I like to look at life. I question living. And what isn’t living despite all of us being alive. I ponder success and failure, disappointments and achievements. All of which is a part of life, so failure and disappointment is still living afterall.

I like to watch the weather. I mean, when I was a kid for some reason I used to watch the Weather Channel. I don’t know why, I don’t want to be a meteorologist. Although, I have seen the position available…

But I like to watch spring arrive. I hate summer’s heat, and winter’s cold. But I also love my bittersweet relationship with autumn. As I’ve been writing about recently. I love apple picking, and pumpkins. I love cooler days and comfortably cool nights. But I hate winter coming. I hate the morning dew. I hate the year ending, really.

But times change and chances come up and leave. Another possibility of moving out. Another possible career. Another friend with a similar get rich quick scheme – that will never work. Just like summer turning into autumn – it’s nice, but it won’t last.

Today is Tuesday, September 1st. It’s depressing to think about. It will be December in 3 months. But there’s still hints of summer out there, to tease you. Sit in the sun in the afternoon. Look out the window on a clear day. You can still go the shore, or a lake. You might not want to swim, but still. And, there’s other things. There’s foliage. There’s harvesting and gardening.

But as I said in the beginning, failure and disappointment is as much a part of life as success and achievements. So, fall turning into winter is still living. No matter how unfortunate the fall, or cold the winter, spring returns. There is still life, no matter how dormant life becomes.

I think I can make it this time…


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