100 Word Challenge: Avalon

October 5, 2009

The day’s out. I’m done with work. Finally.

I punch out. I walk past some customers who are coming in. I see her waving me over with her index finger. That smile. That look. She can make a whole army come that way if she wanted.

She whispers something in my ear about how she’s going to Hell and thinking things she shouldn’t about a new worker. I shake my head and say her name like she just broke my Mickey Mouse cup that held pens and pencils.

I walk out. I’ll remember that moment forever.

I play “Avalon”. And do.

(I want to do more of these, thanks to Mr. London Street. Give me ideas for the challenge!)


2 Responses to “100 Word Challenge: Avalon”

  1. Cupcake said

    Too bad she’s still a kid. Oh wait, you guys match better than I thought!

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