Trick or Treat?

October 31, 2009

Hey my few and far between readers – I’m moving! Potentially without internet 😦

Now, I know how much you’ve looked forward to my lack of creative entries daily, but I think you can do without it. Trust me, you can.

I found a cheap place with everything included, except internet or cable, so I’m thinking about “disconnecting” myself from the rest of the world. Not literally, I am going to listen to the radio at my new home and on my way to and from work (speaking of which, I can live on that pay?!?!). But I mean, there have been many times I wonder what I’m doing, sitting behind a computer screen, a TV screen, or even my cell phone screen.

I love keeping in touch. Don’t get me wrong. I love my friends, I love my daily acquaintances (see Mr. London Street’s blog from October 28th – it’s well worth the read, as are many of his entries – for more details), and I love keeping in touch with them. But what’s keeping me from going out and adding friends or acquaintances?

From the looks of things, I might not be able to do such “build up” for the director of the decade, let alone time or money to go and rent all his movies. There might not be daily concerns, thoughts, or just mindless ramblings. There might not be a video, song, or bad drawing uploaded. Although, I do plan on using the time without internet or TV do actually do things – videos, songs, bad drawings.

This means one thing. It’s time I be “attentive” by my classic definition of the word. Focused on others, not myself. Not my desires. Sacrifice is the name of the game.

This isn’t goodbye. I can always go to a Starbucks and use their Wi-Fi (ugh, I hate their coffee though lol). I have a friend who has one of those USB internet/phone thingamajigs, and I’m sure she will visit me with it (please if you’re reading this lol!).

And then I think. Every November 1st in the past 3 years has been so meaningful to me. In senior year of college, I was turned down by my dreamgirl at that time (what a bad idea that was!). Last year, I was able to put it all behind me, and not worry about the past. And now, I’m moving out. On my own. I’m independent. Maybe I am moving on. Maybe I don’t need to hold onto the past, and what was or could have been.

Maybe I am living. In fact, I am.

Happy Halloween!


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