The First Snowfall

December 5, 2009

We had the first snowfall of this winter today. I don’t know the total accumulation, mainly cause it’s still snowing but also cause it’s quite irrelevant.

You see, the first snowfall means something else entirely. I had some chores to do at my folks’ house, and by the time I got there it had been snowing for about an hour. Nothing sticking, but I did notice on my way that it was that starting to get foggy in the distance. The snow was becoming so heavy that the horizon wasn’t visible.

So, I do my chores – and I’m never gonna hurt no one. I listen to This American Life on the computer, cause my parents’ radio doesn’t get NPR that well. I rest. I’m at my parents’ house, on a snowy day, just like winters before.

My mom uses my presence as an excuse to go all out. She makes chili. Warms up frozen apple pie. It’s all good. It’s all especially good on a cold, snowy night. A good reason to stay in.

The TV doesn’t work as well as it used to with the snow. Satellite TV needs a clean satellite to work. We get a few channels, compared to the 300 and a few channels they get. One of those early for Christmas Christmas movies is on. We’ve seen it a hundred times, but we watch it.

This is what the first snowfall means. It’s like a power outage, but in winter not after a crazy thunderstorm. The radio works. My dad’s sitting around with the radio on, reading a book. I smile – that’s exactly what I’d be doing at my apartment.

It isn’t what you do to warm up, nor is it what you do to wind down. It’s what you do. It’s what will be passed on, even if you don’t realize it. Like good food on a cold winter day, it’s exactly what I need.


One Response to “The First Snowfall”

  1. Cupcake said

    Hi Hank, I had to catch up on a few of your posts but here are my comments:

    I laughed when you were talking about Starbucks’ lack of Heaven cake. I thought in your other post that you contradicted yourself a lot (ie, ‘it’s my happiness that matters’ then ‘i’m not happy with my social life’.) Don’t expect to have a social life if you don’t think to keep in touch with ur friends once in a while. And finally, I wish I was over for chili night lol. Love, Cupcakey

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