I Was Already

December 7, 2009

I was gonna write this huge post about life. About ups and downs, gains and losses, accomplishment and disappointments. Like always.

Then someone over a message board sent me this –

And while the video goes on for 7 minutes too long, the first minute and a half are amazing. I wasn’t expecting much, which is always where you get the most beautiful things. I saw a guy with a ukulele – I’m biased, I clicked on it.

Somewhere over the rainbow. A deep voice, but not a Stephen Merritt/Johnny Cash baritone. Some backup orchestration, I originally found unnecessary. Girls dancing, which is unnecessary (as pointed out by the person providing the link).

The song is as wonderful as ever. The ukulele is perfect. I love it.

I remember what I’m here for. It’s not girls. It’s not happiness. It’s art. Beauty. Truth.

And to get that, imperfection. Like the high note he hits – only, since he hits it, it is perfection.

I could watch that minute and a half over and over and over. But do I, and ruin it? Or do I leave it?


One Response to “I Was Already”

  1. Cupcake said

    Heeeeeeeey! I like eeeet! he’s really awesome for gaining the gumption to perform on stage like that! I mean, I was nervous just to stand in front of the classroom!

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