December 10, 2009

We all make resolutions for the new year, be them “I want to stop biting my nails” or “I should clean my room more often” or “I’m gonna fly to the moon!” While flying to the moon might be a stretch (and when was the last time I cleaned my room?), I actually got one done! Remember this –

Remember, I moved out!

I’m in the same job I don’t like. I didn’t make many more videos (and, my stupid wanna be mathematician tells me I didn’t have as many views either, however “one year ago” can be anything between January ’08 and Dec. ’08, which is more than a year ago…).

So, I guess I didn’t get everything I wanted done, but I got some things done. Which is enough. I didn’t give up on my goals, my resolutions, and my plans.

Now I just gotta stop biting my nails…


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