Pingback #2

December 14, 2009

Wasn’t the guy in Dark Star named Pingback? Or Pinback?

Anyways, and vaguely related to Dark Star; home made, low-budget space movies. Like this one of mine –

I re-watched it last night. It’s so wonderful. It’s campy. I have to say I can’t help but laugh at a few lines the computer says, my inability to act, and how cheap the interior of the “spaceship” looks. There isn’t even a windshield – not that there’s much wind in space. And solar wind, yeesh, I dunno what could shield you from that!

But I watched it. I laughed. I thought. I learned. It’s been probably a good 6 months since I watched it, if not more (probably closer to 9 in reality). And I can tell a story. Which is all I’ve ever wanted to do. Which is all we ever really do.

After watching that, not only do I want to continue making movies, but I’m more than content with what I have done. As bad as my other versions may be. Exponent. Bad sci-fi. The guy’s alone in a small space, taking pills. Same thing.

But for this brief moment I shone brightly. And only now am I realizing it.

I just hope I don’t burn half as long…


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