Today I Count – Other Days I Don’t Count

January 2, 2010

Attention Americans – in about 100 days, taxes are due! To those of us in retail, that means inventory is due. What that really means, is a blog entry worth of things.

What it means on the surface is counting. A lot. Counting every flavor, every variety, every packaging difference. 2 liter bottles, cherry flavor, lime scent. Everything. EVERYTHING. It’s annoying.

Another thing it means, is hearing others complain. Hearing those of us who know what we are doing trying to calm down the complainers. Yes, it is a waste of time. Yes, it has to be done. Some of us just can’t accept it – no matter their age…

Another thing it means, is horrible hours. Well, not awful hours. But early hours. Everyday. Until it gets done. Which means another thing – no time off (for good behavior), until it’s done. Sorry for the Dark City reference…

This can mean many other things – stress. And lots of it. This can lead to sickness. It can lead to unofficial feelings, just to feel someone in the same boat as you may have the answers to all your problems. As if someone like me didn’t see that in almost every girl I meet…

It means the new year is here. Officially. This is the end of the 2009 tax season, which is why it’s done this time of year. This means the hardest part, right off the bat.

But that’s what it’s telling me. Life is like this. Nonstop work. Getting through it, with no days off. Doing what you have to, each and every day.

It means looking at what’s right in front of you, and not worrying about the big picture. Make this day worth it. Carpe Diem – Seize The Day!

This means putting all your effort into what you believe in, and into what needs to be done. No matter how much everyone else around you wants to quit, and find the easy way out.

It also means something else for me, personally – vacation’s approaching. And, spring is approaching.

Happy 2010!


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