I’m On Vacation

February 20, 2010

…’til the end of the month…

Does anyone else remember that?

Well, I’m on vacation, a much needed break from work. I already am having fun – last night, before vacation started, I was burning the candle at both ends. Out late, up early. Lotsa fun I hadn’t had in a while.

Today at work I was surprisingly quick with my work – I tried to make jokes about not usually doing work but my audience just had to one up me… But I was also my usual social self – sometimes that makes me take forever checking sales.

Tonight I went out and gambled – got none of it back. But that’s what vacation is – don’t worry about the outcome, just live for the moment. Enjoy the time while you have it.

I dunno what I’m doing, I was hoping to go to the city for a few days. But it might snow. And the end of this week is my mom’s birthday, so I can’t be in the city then of course… But perhaps I can busy myself around here. Should it snow I can always make my ‘Snowed In’ movie idea. And perhaps get a cup of coffee or something with a friend here and there – oh wait, I gave up coffee for lent.

But for now, I’m just sitting here, using a friend’s laptop enjoying what time I will have off, although it’ll go way to quick. But I’m a firm believer in taking vacation while you can, because if you worked all year ’round, you deserve it. So, here I am, enjoying it…


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