This Past Week

February 27, 2010

There are about four major parts of my life, when I get down to it.

One, was just being. Not living. Not existing – although, you can’t be if you don’t exist. But this was young me. Simple. Being pushed along. My ultimate goal was to make friends and rate records.

Secondly, there was existentialism. This was my last year of college, and a year or two after. Coffee was a necessity. Time was limited. This consisted of doing, although where the line was draw between doing good or bad (or accomplishing) was nowhere to be found.

Up until lately, it was what I titled ‘Modestism’ or ‘Apathism’. Its ultimate goal was to play fair. The motto of – There are things I haven’t said, and there are things I haven’t done. And I’m sure it will continue. But I suddenly lost the passion of living, and was reverting back to making friends and rating records.

Now, I return to what I once refered to as Attentivism – this blog was the birthing place of that lack of movement. Its motto – focus on attending to others. Its ultimate goal – to inspire others to continue. To do something big, as long as its for others.

I spent a lot of time alone this past week, being snowed in. I didn’t create anything. I wouldn’t say I had a date (though, I did go out with one friend a lot). I did read a book…

But anyways, now I see what this week was for.


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