There’s a lot to tell you. But then again, there’s a lot you won’t listen to. Or read of… There’s a lot you won’t care about. So, what’s the point?

Now, a lot has happened, I have to say, and no, I won’t write about it. If you wanna know about it, come find me and I’ll gladly tell you. So, why should I write it here?

Why should I tell you my hopes and fears? How many blogs do you read, and how many hopes and fears do you read about, only to later forget them? Am I just a brick in the wall of blogs, or am I one you truly care about? And if I am that one, what does my blog have that others don’t?

Of course, that’s not what I wanna know. I couldn’t care less if I had zero readers or 1,000 readers everyday. Although, if I had 1,000 I’d probably blog professionally – lol.

I can only imagine how this was – 20 years ago even. I mean, you could keep a journal on your computer in 1990. But you couldn’t share this information with anyone.

Now it’s all over. Strangers can read about your hopes and fears, and probably even do more than that if they wanted. Post a picture, name a town. They’ve got ya.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I like re-reading my blog (boy oh boy, how conceited am I?) to help me remember certain things. Put things into perspective maybe. But to connect them with a date, a month, a season; instead of just something in your personal history. It’s a nice new way to categorize your life events.

But those 20 years ago you could only tell those you saw in your everyday adventures. Tell your neighbor, tell your co-workers. If it was really important tell your friends – but then again we didn’t have cell phones and facebook to keep all our friends so easily accessible.

So you know what? I am not going to tell you. It’s not like this blog entry will be all that memorable anyway.

Besides, what else am I going to write about next week?


Time Crimes

March 27, 2010

This trailer gives away the twists. But damn, what an awesome movie!

Here We Go Again…

March 24, 2010

Another chance? Will it work this time?

But for now, it’s a very nice day, and I’m off. I have a few things to do, and actually did some. So, right now, I don’t care. I did my preparations, and will continue to do so. But I can’t argue with beautiful March weather when I’m off.

So, here we go again. Off to have fun, while I still can. Which is what we should all do…

RANDOM EDIT: According to this, wikipedia is currently down. What ever will we do now, to write research papers and right the wrong among us?

Just Like Last Year

March 20, 2010

Drunkeness, after worrying. Ah, life.

Only, this time there is no attacking my vodka with a straw, or feeling alone with friends. Oh wait, that didn’t happen last time lol.

Wow, I am pretty buzzed. Happy birthday; happy spring. My opposing equinox buddy.

I’m Not Irish

March 17, 2010

Instead, I’d rather watch that. Which I did last night. Sorry St. Patrick.

Heh, Kubrick’s use of build-up and his pre-2001 too much technology film. Never looked at it that way, I like it.

The Man From Earth

March 16, 2010

When I was in college, I wondered what exactly would qualify as Science Fiction. There really is no strict definition of what qualifies as science fiction. There’s the face value (a phrase very important in this entry), a word of fiction involving some piece of science – biology and physics, outerspace and under water, new dimensions and what’s in the head. It’s all science fiction. The definition that stood out to me however, is one that goes “Fantasy is making this impossible probable; Sci-Fi makes the improbable possible.” The reason I like this is basically that science fiction could happen, but it won’t necessarily happen.

The basis of the movie, The Man From Earth is basically What If A Caveman Happened To Survive To The Modern Day. Now, before we get technical, this basically means someone lived to approximately 14,000 years (as discussed in the movie). Would this happen? No. Could this happen? Maybe…

As a whole, I enjoyed the movie. I’ll admit; I believed his story (although, my story telling philosophy kinda accepts it as just that, a story; life). But there are so many little flaws (SPOILERS!) that I don’t like in the movie.

To begin with, the character who may be a caveman is extremely passive. He’s thoughtful, kind, and very civilized. This doesn’t bother me, as he had those 14,000 years to become passive. But there’s a part where a character points a gun at him – we later learn it wasn’t loaded. But think about it. A caveman who would be very primal and easily scared with full knowledge of what a bullet can do. I’m surprised he didn’t jump out the window or take a club to try and beat the man. That would probably be his most likely plan of attack (how modern day are guns?).

Further, he tells some others a few things about his outlook on life – one of the most favorable of mine is The Lord or The Lesson. He flat out says that should someone not even believe in Jesus (not God), to believe in what he preached. To be honest, I agree with that outlook, but he’s also lived much longer than I have. Does this mean at my ripe old age of 25 I’m more aware of things – or that a 14,000 year old caveman who has studied with The Buddha has nothing better to say? He had time to study Plato, Neitzsche and others, and all he has to say is be passive and think about God’s lesson? Gimme a break!

There is one final thing at the end of the movie that also bugs me. He gives into love, or I guess a fondness he has for another. Now, don’t get me wrong, I understand companionship on the most basic level. Friends are what is most important to me in my life. But he gives this speech in the beginning (to this lover in question) about how he’s gotten over love so many times and he’s going to leave. I realize the two of them have an understanding, but still, he gives into it! I would imagine that to a caveman he would need companionship moreso than most of us these days, but if he’s moving on because he won’t age, there’s no reason to keep others in your life if you’re just going to leave them again. Companionship is nice; desserting is horrible.

So, now that this has become a long rant no one will ever read, and I’ve ruined the story for those who are curious about the film, go see it. It’s much more of a drama than a science fiction film, but it could happen. And I guess, that’s the point of the movie, if not story telling as a whole. You can only get so many to believe you, no matter how long you live.

I Gotta Get Back…

March 10, 2010

Ya know, inspiration is everywhere. I just need to lok.

Unofficial support is everywhere. As I search and find more and more slow-paced human sci-fi movies, I realize there is room for Immune. Besides, no one else is going to make that movie.

I was gonna write this whole big entry about how I should change things. But that doesn’t mean I will.

3 Years Of Me & Ukulele

March 7, 2010

I never posted “Life’s Too Fun” on this blog (I don’t think – I should verify that). But I’ve put up a lot of ukulele tunes I’ve made. Perhaps one day when I get my own laptop back I’ll post more.

But ya know, with the weather how it is, I see why 3 years ago I wrote “Life’s Too Fun”. It’s worth celebrating. Snow has stopped falling; winter is indeed appalling. Spring has just sprung, what can be done?

I remember a few months ago writing my 100 Word Challange about “Hey Pal” arguably my best song. I remember the night I recorded it. I remember a few of the other songs I’ve uploaded…

And well, I’m impressed. I’m still going with it, even if it’s just a hobby. When I play that simple D-chord, I’m impressed cause my voice can’t do that. I play the impossible to pair with anything B7 chord, but use it in an instrumental, I’m ecstatic. And well, I keep it. It’s harmony; nearly perfection.


March 5, 2010

I didn’t like it.

It did what it had to – humans overcoming the odds, powers beyond our imagination. Great special effects. Actually, the plane disaster/train disaster part was pretty cool. But I get it Roland – you like disaster, humans are resourceful, Hollywood ending. NEXT!